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The world of higher education and academia is fiercely competitive, and when you’re looking for a job or studtenship, it’s good to have someone to help you. And, we hope, if you’re a university, research establishment, charity or operate in the public sector, you’ll be glad of a quick and effective way to find the right person to fill your vacant position.

If you’re looking for assistance finding a job or candidate, it’s time to try CareersinHE.com. We’re an new resource, helping you find the next step in your career journey, or the right person to have a positive impact your organisation.

We’re a modern, niche-driven job portal, designed to connect talented professionals from all sectors with exciting careers in Higher Education. There is an easier way to find exactly what you’re looking for – and it’s right here, on this site.

Our Background

CareersinHE.com first formed in 2018 and was the concept of a team of professionals working within the higher education sector. We could see the problems facing universities, charities and the public sector alike – it was relatively easy to track down candidates for vacant positions, but incredibly tough finding the perfect person for the job.

Some recruiters take over 12 weeks to find the right candidate – a problematic hold-up that affects productivity and disrupts the workplace. Understandably, this is frustrating, particularly when conventional recruitment methods are so costly.

Likewise, our recent market study showed that people seeking jobs in academia, research and the public sector found it difficult to identify a job that matched their requirements – not only in terms of qualifications, experience and skillset, but also geographically. They felt as though they were spending hours trawling job sites, without generating much results.

We used this as our starting point when creating CareersinHE.com. Our site aims to reduce the time spent hunting fruitlessly for candidates and vacancies. It’s highly targeted but radically encourages jobseekers from other sectors  which means a diverse  mix of relevant individuals and organisations will use it.

And of course, CareersinHE.com seeks to make the whole process far easier, quicker and better value for money. Our competitive subscription rates give employers the ability to advertise as many roles as they need to – to their target niche audience. This in turn means a wider variety of open positions for job-hunters to explore… and more opportunities!

Fully responsive across all devices, it’s a tailor-made site for the academic, research and public sector.


Our Way


Finding the right job or future employee is great. Spending ages searching for them isn’t! Our job portal is tailored to be quick, easy and straightforward to use, with more time spent locating careers and attracting candidates.

and excellence.

Like most academics and professionals, we never rest on our laurels. We’re always seeking to find new ways of improving our services and we’re not afraid to innovate to get results. Got a suggestion? Just let us know – we’re always open to new ideas.


CareersinHE.com is firmly focused on producing results. Our goal is to help universities, research institutes and certain public sector companies connect with relevant candidates seeking employment. If you have any questions about our service, just get in touch.

and respect

We’ll always act with complete honesty, integrity and respect in all our dealings with you, and that’s a guarantee.

It’s Time to Take the Next Step

If you’re seeking the next big step in your career, simply explore the available jobs advertised on our site today. Alternatively, if you’d like to advertise a vacant position in your establishment, simply get in contact by emailing advert@careersinhe.com.

To ask a question, raise an issue or make a suggestion, contact us!