Our Subscription packages  

Our popular subscription service enables you to place as many ads as you require throughout the year, plus gives you access to a wealth of other benefits such as employer profile page and optional Premium and Sponsored advertisement packages to boost advert visibility. It’s a highly cost-effective way of reaching out to your target audience, with maximum exposure for your organisation.

Subscription packages Careers in HE

Annual Advertising Subscriptions

£ 2,000/year - Manual Job Posting

Our cost-effective annual subscription offers fantastic value for money, enabling you to manually promote unlimited job vacancies and studentships to our highly targeted audience

£ 2,500/year - Automatic Job Posting

For just another £500 a year, we can automatically publish all your jobs for you. This is a perfect option if you want to publish your adverts on our site without the usually required admin time. The system will be able to collect all adverts daily and sort the ads into the existing categories, job type, hours, and salary bands on the site. Once the adverts are manually checked by our QA Team, they are published. You will also be given access to the dashboard so you can monitor the performance of the adverts.

What’s also Included

  • Unlimited standard ads throughout the year (jobs and studentships included)
  • Logo (visible in search results) on every advert
  • Links to application form and further information (own site)
  • Notification of your advert sent out to subscribers
  • User-friendly dashboard to upload, edit and post adverts to our site


  • Dedicated employer profile page
  • Outbound link to your own website
  • Ads gathered together on profile page for easy searching
  • Ability to upload employer videos to connect directly with target audience

Standard Advert


  • Logo (visible in search results)
  • Links to application form and further information (own site)
  • Notification of your job sent out to subscribers

Premium Advert

Cost: £150

  • Fully branded header image at the top of advert page
  • Highlighted orange box in search results
  • Notification of your job sent out to subscribers


Cost: £200

  • All the great features of a premium job advert, plus:

  • Highlighted and marked purple box in search results
  • Top of the job search result list categories and keywords.

To subscribe or to purchase an advert, please contact us on